Aims and scope

The aim of Signa Vitae (SV) is to be an unbiased and permanent forum for clinical anesthesia, intensive care, emergency and pain medicine. It serves professionals dedicated to all these relevant fields, as a tool for easier and more effective experiences and science sharing, with the ultimate goal to improve patients’ outcome. The scope of Signa Vitae is broad. It encompasses all aspects of clinical practice and fundamental research at the basis of anesthesia, intensive care, emergency and pain medicine, both in children and adults. It will better inform and educate the global scientific and medical community on the advancements in the fields at the basis of survival and a better quality of life, as stated in the appealing Latin version of its name: "Signs of life". 


Open Access

To everything there is a season: COVID-19 vaccination and thrombosis

Giovanni Landoni,Pasquale Nardelli,Alberto Zangrillo

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.075

Abstract ( 895 ) PDF (142.06 kB) ( 168 )

Open Access

Crying wolf in time of Corona: the strange case of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Is the fear of failure withholding potential life-saving treatment from clinical use?

Pasquale Nardelli,Alberto Zangrillo,Gabriele Sanchini,Valery V Likhvantsev,Andrey G Yavorovskiy,Carolina Soledad Romero Garcia,Giovanni Landoni

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.043

Abstract ( 11393 ) PDF (241.72 kB) ( 2138 )

Open Access Special Issue

Why complex surgeries in children are associated with poorer outcomes

Mathias Johansen,Vincent Collard,Thomas Engelhardt

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.060

Abstract ( 531 ) PDF (209.6 kB) ( 167 )

Open Access Special Issue

Postoperative emergence delirium in children: a narrative review of recent publications

Oda Grung Grotmol,Narththahi Nesarajah,Tom Giedsing Hansen

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.057

Abstract ( 565 ) PDF (840.29 kB) ( 191 )

Open Access

It's not over till it's over: a narrative review of Long COVID

Joseph V. Pergolizzi,Jo Ann LeQuang,Peter Magnusson,Dariusz Myrcik,Giustino Varrassi

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.067

Abstract ( 1473 ) PDF (229.43 kB) ( 217 )

Open Access Special Issue

Cricothyroidotomy in the emergency setting: indications, techniques and outcomes

Federico Mazza,Massimiliano Venturino,Davide Turello,Alberto Gorla,Cristina Degiovanni,Alessandro Locatelli,Giulio Melloni

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.063

Abstract ( 1048 ) PDF (1.76 MB) ( 330 )

Open Access Special Issue

Basic life support training for the adult lay population. A systematic review

Lourdes Luque-López,Jesús Molina-Mula

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.026

Abstract ( 774 ) PDF (1.35 MB) ( 177 )

Open Access Special Issue

Emergency surgical tracheotomy in the era of COVID-19 pandemic

Piergiorgio Muriana,Paola Ciriaco,Angelo Carretta,Giampiero Negri

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.055

Abstract ( 495 ) PDF (1.46 MB) ( 153 )

Open Access

A ten-year comparative study of cardiovascular disease publications, health and socioeconomic indicators between European countries

Domagoj Markovic,Josip Lukenda,Visnja Kokic,Petra Simac,Piero Marin Zivkovic,Ingrid Prkacin,Viktor Culic

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.053

Abstract ( 402 ) PDF (2.4 MB) ( 129 )

Open Access

Clinical characteristics of critically ill patients with 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19): do we need a new triage system?


DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.066

Abstract ( 583 ) PDF (390.96 kB) ( 143 )

Open Access

Gender differences in time from arrival to stroke team activation in patients presenting with acute stroke symptoms

Kevin A Kotkowski,Evangelia Murray,Martin A Reznek,Sean S Michael

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.051

Abstract ( 603 ) PDF (208.93 kB) ( 173 )

Open Access Special Issue

Relationship between rescue distance and the quality of simulated CPR: a pilot study with lifeguards

Brais Ruibal-Lista,J. Enrique Moral-García,Sergio López-García

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.044

Abstract ( 529 ) PDF (817.6 kB) ( 145 )

Open Access

Reorganisation of stroke care in prehospital emergency medical services: results through transformative learning

Lauri Antila,Anne Jyrkiäinen,Lasse Hakala,Seppo Uusinarkaus,Juhani Tavasti,Ari Palomäki

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.054

Abstract ( 609 ) PDF (272.09 kB) ( 173 )

Open Access

The association between neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio and anaphylaxis refractory to epinephrine treatment

Kiwook Kim,Kyoung Ho Choi,Jung Taek Park,Joo Suk Oh,Doo Hyo Lee,Hyun Ho Jeong,Young Min Oh,Se Min Choi

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.034

Abstract ( 493 ) PDF (1.3 MB) ( 165 )

Open Access

FSTL1 aggravates sepsis-induced acute kidney injury through regulating TLR4/MyD88/NF-κB pathway in newborn rats

Chuanlong Song,Ayinuerguli Adili,Adilijiang Kari,Abulaiti Abuduhaer

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.071

Abstract ( 371 ) PDF (1.05 MB) ( 132 )

Open Access

The role of IL-6 receptor inhibitor treatment in critical patient monitoring with COVID-19

Fulya Çiyiltepe,Ayten Saraçoğlu,Yeliz Bilir,Elif Akova Deniz,Elif Bombacı,Kemal Tolga Saraçoğlu

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.068

Abstract ( 421 ) PDF (552.85 kB) ( 142 )

Open Access

Methyl jasmonate reduces the inflammation and apoptosis of HK-2 cells induced by LPS by regulating the NF-κB pathway

Fuhai Chen,Wei Wang,Xianguo Cai,Hongsheng Yu,Chunsheng Qu,Xianjun Zhang,Leili Lv,Zhichun Song

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.079

Abstract ( 375 ) PDF (1.46 MB) ( 150 )

Open Access Special Issue

Anesthetics management strategy for endovascular treatment of acute ischemic stroke. A proposal for anesthetic approach

Emanuele Russo,Daniele Bellantonio,Marco Benni,Emiliano Gamberini,Alessandro Circelli,Lorenzo Viola,Alessio Cittadini,Luca Bissoni,Dell’Amore Cristian,Martino Costanza,Giuliano Bolondi,Domenico Pietro Santonastaso,Marco Longoni,Maria Ruggiero,Vanni Agnoletti on the behalf of the Medical Emergency Team of Ospedale Bufalini Cesena

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.031

Abstract ( 723 ) PDF (154.07 kB) ( 163 )

Open Access

Le Fort I osteotomy facilitated nasotracheal intubation in a patient with concha bullosa and septal deviation: a case report

Je Jin Lee,Geun Joo Choi,Hyun Kang,Chong Wha Baek,Su Hyun Seo,Young-Jun Choi,Ui-Lyong Lee,Yong Hun Jung

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.062

Abstract ( 386 ) PDF (324.21 kB) ( 148 )

Open Access Special Issue

Short door-in-door-out time of stroke patients in need of thrombectomy in a primary stroke centre

Markku Grönroos,Ville Hällberg,Tuukka Tomminen,Ari Palomäki

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.039

Abstract ( 890 ) PDF (162.86 kB) ( 168 )

Published Ahead of Print

Open Access Special Issue

Polydipsia-polyuria syndrome associated with traumatic spinal cord injury

Cristina Daia,Constantin Munteanu,Ioana Andone,Aura Spinu,Cristina Popescu,Corneliu Toader,Gelu Onose

Online publish date: 16 June 2021

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.104

Abstract ( 225 ) PDF (345.25 kB) ( 118 )

Open Access Special Issue

The difficulty in distinguishing the type of occlusive coronary artery disease among patients with sepsis in the emergency department: a multicenter retrospective cohort study

Yi-Hsi Chen,Shou-Yen Chen,Shi-Ying Gao,Hsiang-Yun Lo,Chip-Jin Ng,Chung-Hsien Chaou

Online publish date: 16 June 2021

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.105

Abstract ( 223 ) PDF (325.62 kB) ( 134 )

Open Access Special Issue

Factors associated with readmission to the Emergency Department in a cohort of COVID-19 hospitalized patients

Álvaro Romero-Duarte,Mario Rivera-Izquierdo,Antonio Jesús Láinez-Ramos-Bossini,Pablo Redruello-Guerrero,Antonio Cárdenas-Cruz

Online publish date: 16 June 2021

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.106

Abstract ( 234 ) PDF (644.16 kB) ( 135 )

Open Access

Moral distress among health care workers in the intensive care unit; a systematic review and meta-analysis

Rakan M. AlQahtani,Abdalrhman Al Saadon,Mohammed Ibrahim Alarifi,Ruaim Muaygil,Yasmeen Khalaf Maan Altaymani,Mohamed Abdelwahab Mohamed Elsaid,Fahad Alsohime,Mohamad-Hani Temsah,Khaldoon Aljerian

Online publish date: 09 June 2021

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.101

Abstract ( 284 ) PDF (2.48 MB) ( 114 )

Open Access

Postoperative chronic pain incidence and etiology in coronary artery bypass graft surgery: a prospective study

Hulya Yilmaz Ak,Yasemin Ozsahin,Mehmet Ali Yesiltas,Ismail Haberal,Ahmet Ozan Koyuncu,Ali Ferit Pekel,Ayse Pervin Sutas

Online publish date: 09 June 2021

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.102

Abstract ( 213 ) PDF (262.93 kB) ( 145 )

Open Access

The effects of oxygen and medicines on T cells in hypoxic co-culture

Young-Duck Cho,Sung-Hyuk Choi,Sung-Jun Park,Woo-Sung Yu,Han-Jin Cho,Kyung-Hwan Kim,Tae-Gun Shin

Online publish date: 09 June 2021

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.103

Abstract ( 201 ) PDF (1.19 MB) ( 148 )

Special Issues

Special issue title:

Opioid Sparing Modalities in Perioperative and Critical Care Patients: opioids sparing analgesia pain perioperative

Keywords: Opioid misuse, Prescription opioids, Postsurgical pain, Perioperative strategies, Critical care

Editor: Dr. Michael O’Neil, Pharm.D.

Submission deadline: 28 March 2022

Special issue title:

21st Panhellenic Congress on Regional Anaesthesia, Pain Management and Palliative Care

Keywords: Regional Anaesthesia, Pain Management, Palliative Care, PARH.SY.A., ESRA HELLAS, the A’ Anaesthesiology Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Athens

Editor: Dr. Ioanna Siafaka, MD, PhD,Dr. Maria Kokolaki, MD, PhD,Dr. Athina Vadalouca, MD, PhD, FIPP,Dr. Evmorfia Stavropoulou, MD, PhD, EDRA,Dr. Eleni Moka, MD, PhD, MSc, EDRA

Submission deadline: 27 May 2022

Special issue title:

Visceral Pain in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine

Keywords: Internal organs; Referred pain; Visceral pain

Editor: Dr. Yu-Jang Su, MD

Submission deadline: 28 February 2022

Special issue title:

Cardiopulmonary emergencies in the COVID-19 era: What is on the horizon?

Keywords: COVID-19, Cardiopulmonary diseases, emergency medicine, intensive care, healthcare system, diagnosis, treatment

Editor: Prof. Ozgur KARCIOGLU, MD, FEMAT

Submission deadline: 19 March 2022

Special issue title:

The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Critical Healthcare System

Keywords: COVID-19, emergency medicine, intensive care, healthcare system

Editor: Prof. Yao-Chin Wang, MD, PhD

Submission deadline: 31 December 2021

Special issue title:

Selected papers from Korean Association of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in 2021

Keywords: Cardiac arrest, Resuscitation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, guidelines, outcome

Editor: Prof. Won Young Kim, MD, PhD

Submission deadline: 01 June 2022

Special issue title:

Serious Complications Encountered During Dental Treatment

Keywords: Dental treatments, Dental procedure, Dental emergencies, Emergency, Clinical Dentistry

Editor: Prof. Natthamet Wongsirichat DDS,Dr. Dinesh Rokaya,PhD

Submission deadline: 30 December 2021

Special issue title:

Ethics and legal medicine in field of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care, Emergency, and Pain Medicine

Keywords: Ethics and legal medicine, Anesthesiology, Intensive care, Emergency, Pain medicine

Editor: Dr. Matteo Nioi, MD

Submission deadline: 07 March 2022

Special issue title:

Toxicological Emergencies: Pathophysiology and Management

Keywords: Toxicology, Emergency, Emergency department

Editor: Dr. Asmaa El-Banna

Submission deadline: 26 January 2022

Special issue title:

Ultrasound in Urgent Pathologies: development, interest and limits

Keywords: Ultrasound, Urgent Pathologies, Gynecological emergencies, Anesthetist, Radiologist, Gynecologists

Editor: Dr. Radhouane Achour

Submission deadline: 13 January 2022

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A Novel Objective Approach Towards Physicians' Knowledge and Practice Patterns to Optimize Central Venous Catheter Placement: A Cross-sectional Study. DOI: 10.22514/sv.2020.16.0052

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  2020 has been a very special year, full of events, frequently strange and newly shaped events. As always, humanity has tried to learn from them, searching (and frequently finding) the best solution to the problems. “Work is the best gymnasium where to exercise the intelligence”. This was an excellent definition for “work”. 2020 has obliged anyone to work with new obstacles and to find always new solutions, exercising the intelligence. It is also possible to say that 2020 has provided mankind a fantastic opportunity to express at maximum level its potentialities.

  Between others, I was kindly invited to becoming Editor in Chief of this important journal. Signa Vitae has a nice story, but its aim is to increase its impact in the scientific community. The scientific community deriving from the initial “Anesthesiology”, as it was in the first decades of the twentieth century, in the course of the years has expanded enormously. Now it still covers “Anesthesiology”, but it also covers Emergency, Intensive Cares, Supportive Medicine, and last but not least Pain Medicine. In other terms, the name of the journal, Signa Vitae (“Signs of Life”, with a nuance of Latin classic culture), is extremely appropriate.

  Considering my personal story, the diffusion of Signa Vitae in the field of Pain Medicine will be a natural consequence. The new challenge will definitely be to establish a strong Editorial Board, with Section Editors, and attract high quality papers from the other branch of the medical specialty. For this, the journal counts on the support of most of the Members of the Editorial Board whose story is deeply rooted in Emergency and Intensive Cares.

  The programs for 2021 are incredibly challenging and stimulating. It will be a year of hard work and growth, and the Signa Vitae family is ready to obtain the best possible. I want to take this opportunity to thank the publisher and the Signa Vitae team for their trust in my enthusiasm, inviting me as Editor-in-Chief of a nice and promising journal. Ad majora to all of them and especially to the Authors that will be confident on the potentialities of this journal. Let’s work together for it.

Giustino Varrassi, MD, PhD

Paolo Procacci Foundation, Via Tacito 7, 00193 Roma, Italy