Aims and scope

The aim of Signa Vitae (SV) is to be an unbiased and permanent forum for clinical anesthesia, intensive care, emergency and pain medicine. It serves professionals dedicated to all these relevant fields, as a tool for easier and more effective experiences and science sharing, with the ultimate goal to improve patients’ outcome. The scope of Signa Vitae is broad. It encompasses all aspects of clinical practice and fundamental research at the basis of anesthesia, intensive care, emergency and pain medicine, both in children and adults. It will better inform and educate the global scientific and medical community on the advancements in the fields at the basis of survival and a better quality of life, as stated in the appealing Latin version of its name: "Signs of life". 


Open Access

Ibuprofen safety at the golden anniversary. A commentary and recent developments

Giustino Varrassi,Joseph V. Pergolizzi

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2020.16.0097

Abstract ( 1054 ) PDF (207.1 kB) ( 236 )

Open Access Special Issue

A dangerous cause of airway obstruction: deep neck infection

Hwee-Kheng Lim,Jinn-Ming Wang,Sho-Ting Hung,Hui-Chun Ku

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2020.16.0101

Abstract ( 1142 ) PDF (188.4 kB) ( 263 )

Open Access Special Issue

Diagnostic and therapeutic approach to post-traumatic tracheobronchial injuries

Angelo Carretta,Paola Ciriaco,Alessandro Bandiera,Giampiero Negri

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.015

Abstract ( 637 ) PDF (4.03 MB) ( 174 )

Open Access Special Issue

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in carbamate (methomyl) intoxication: systematic review of the literature and case presentation

Hye-Young Kim,Jun-Seok Kim,Song-Am Lee,Hyun-Keun Chee,Jae-Joon Hwang,Jin-Yong Kim,Michael Ji,Yo-Han Kim,Woo-Surng Lee

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2020.16.0090

Abstract ( 787 ) PDF (496.73 kB) ( 199 )

Open Access Special Issue

The role of rigid bronchoscopy in complex airway disorders

Alessandro Bandiera,Paola Ciriaco,Angelo Carretta,Giampiero Negri

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.017

Abstract ( 616 ) PDF (1.77 MB) ( 141 )

Open Access

Reliability of the Pneumonia Severity Score (PSI) Index in Patients Diagnosed with COVID-19 Pneumonia to Determine Outpatient Discharge

Ahmet Burak Erdem,Hakan Oğuztürk,Miray Tümer,Bahattin Işık,Afsin Emre Kayipmaz,Semih Korkut

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2020.16.0074

Abstract ( 959 ) PDF (241.7 kB) ( 178 )

Open Access

Chronic non-cancer pain in primary care: an Italian cross-sectional study

Arianna Camilloni,Giulio Nati,Paolo Maggiolini,Antonio Romanelli,Gianni Carbone,Diana Giannarelli,Irene Terrenato,Maria Grazia De Marinis,Adriano Rossi,Daniela D’Angelo,Rosaria Ferrara,Laura Iacorossi,Antonella Paladini,Giustino Varrassi,Gianfranco Tarsitani,Roberto Latina

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2020.16.0111

Abstract ( 1118 ) PDF (356.59 kB) ( 193 )

Open Access

Dysmenorrhea is associated with a higher incidence of pain after diagnostic hysteroscopy or treatment

Yuan-Yuan Pan,Shen-Hui Jin,Shan Luo,Ru-Ru Li,Ying-Ying Tu,Dan Jin,Wen-Jun Jin,Xiu-Xiu Zhuang,Jun-Lu Wang

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2020.16.0117

Abstract ( 710 ) PDF (249.91 kB) ( 197 )

Open Access

Predictors of survival and good neurological outcomes after in-hospital cardiac arrest

Min Jee Lee,Ji Ho Ryu,Mun Ki Min,Dae Sup Lee,Seok Ran Yeom,Byung kwan Bae,Young Mo Cho,Soon Chang Park

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.009

Abstract ( 541 ) PDF (365.16 kB) ( 182 )

Open Access Special Issue

Predictors of difficult endotracheal intubation in the emergency department: a single-center pilot study

En-Chih Liao,Wen-Han Chang,Ching-Hsiang Yu,Yat-Pang Chau,Fang-Ju Sun,Wen-Jyun Lai,Ding-Kuo Chien

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2020.16.0118

Abstract ( 630 ) PDF (571.95 kB) ( 212 )

Open Access Special Issue

Changes in hemodynamic parameters with the use of etomidate versus ketamine induction in the emergency department

Abdullah Bakhsh,Maryam Alnashri,Fatimah Alawami,Rafal Aseel,Maha Almaghthawi,Ghaida Alrahaili,Anas Bifari,Hassan Algethami

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.005

Abstract ( 538 ) PDF (570.39 kB) ( 187 )

Open Access

Challenges in basic life support and automated external defibrillator training of deaf individuals

Matej Strnad,Zdenko Šalda,Boštjan Jerko,Vida Vrečar,Vesna Borovnik Lesjak,Rok Petrovčič

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.019

Abstract ( 545 ) PDF (194 kB) ( 161 )

Open Access Special Issue

Antioxidative activity of statins and HDL-PON1 association in lacunar ischemic stroke with and without white matter hyperintensity

Hyun Goo Kang,Jin Sung Cheong,In Hwan Lim,Kyeong Ho Yun,Hyun Young Park

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.003

Abstract ( 469 ) PDF (426.79 kB) ( 144 )

Open Access

Facial expression differences indicate pain improvement at the emergency department

Kuo-Cheng Wang,Chen-June Seak,Fu-Sheng Tsai,Cheng-Yu Chien,Chi-Chun Lee,Chip-Jin Ng,Bo-Cyuan Wang,Yi-Ming Weng

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2020.16.0105

Abstract ( 662 ) PDF (508.41 kB) ( 143 )

Open Access Special Issue

Effects of age on emergency airway management

Sho-Ting Hung,Jerry Cheng-Yen Lai,Wen-Han Chang,Hui-Chun Ku

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2020.16.0109

Abstract ( 782 ) PDF (191.64 kB) ( 246 )

Open Access Special Issue

Determinants of complications in first ever acute stroke patients: a prospective observational study from India

Vishal Madhukar Sawale,Durjoy Lahiri,Ritwik Ghosh,Souvik Dubey,Gautam Das,Goutam Gangopadhyay,Biman Kanti Ray

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.002

Abstract ( 444 ) PDF (219.17 kB) ( 133 )

Open Access

Outcomes after combined right hemicolectomy and pancreaticoduodenectomy for locally advanced right-sided colon cancer: a case series

Server Sezgin Uludag,Ahmet Necati Sanli,Ozan Akinci,Deniz Esin Tekcan Sanli,Abdullah Kagan Zengin

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2020.16.0095

Abstract ( 561 ) PDF (184.68 kB) ( 150 )

Open Access

Outcomes of M. pneumoniae pneumonia with mixed infection

Cheng-Yi Wang,Lu-Min Chen,Guang-Hua Liu,Shi-Biao Wang,Qi-Qi Lin

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2020.16.0087

Abstract ( 583 ) PDF (412.26 kB) ( 147 )

Open Access

Risk factors of different types of acute pain after laparoscope-assisted vaginal hysterectomy

Si-Jia Chen,Wen-Wen Du,Yun-Chang Mo,Jun-Lu Wang,Lu-Ping Huang

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.010

Abstract ( 403 ) PDF (299.3 kB) ( 164 )

Open Access

Delirium in critically ill patients with COVID-19 pneumonia

Hai Zou,Wan-Feng Xiong,Sheng-Qing Li

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.013

Abstract ( 484 ) PDF (155.24 kB) ( 187 )

Published Ahead of Print

Open Access

FSTL1 aggravates sepsis-induced acute kidney injury through regulating TLR4/MyD88/NF-κB pathway in newborn rats

Chuanlong Song,Ayinuerguli Adili,Adilijiang Kari,Abulaiti Abuduhaer

Online publish date: 22 April 2021

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.071

Abstract ( 193 ) PDF (1.05 MB) ( 115 )

Open Access

Early recognition and critical management of adult epiglottitis in the emergency department: a case report and review of the literature

Pavarit Piyachon,Korsin Laohavisudhi,Wachira Wongtanasarasin,Krongkarn Sutham

Online publish date: 22 April 2021

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.072

Abstract ( 197 ) PDF (463.63 kB) ( 111 )

Open Access

The role of IL-6 receptor inhibitor treatment in critical patient monitoring with COVID-19

Fulya Çiyiltepe,Ayten Saraçoğlu,Yeliz Bilir,Elif Akova Deniz,Elif Bombacı,Kemal Tolga Saraçoğlu

Online publish date: 20 April 2021

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.068

Abstract ( 190 ) PDF (552.69 kB) ( 124 )

Open Access

Non-thyroid disease syndrome: a strong prognostic predictor of death in patients with pneumonia

Ejder Saylav Bora,Adem Çakır,Serkan Hacar,Cüneyt Arıkan,Güner Yurtsever,Hüseyin Acar

Online publish date: 20 April 2021

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.069

Abstract ( 214 ) PDF (182.27 kB) ( 139 )

Open Access Special Issue

Myocardial infarction with cardiogenic shock---the experience of a primary PCI centre from North-East Romania

Larisa Anghel,Radu Sascău,Cristian Stătescu

Online publish date: 20 April 2021

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.070

Abstract ( 201 ) PDF (201.51 kB) ( 145 )

Open Access

Clinical characteristics of critically ill patients with 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19): do we need a new triage system?


Online publish date: 15 April 2021

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2021.066

Abstract ( 353 ) PDF (390.31 kB) ( 122 )

Special Issues

Special issue title:

Serious Complications Encountered During Dental Treatment

Keywords: Dental treatments, Dental procedure, Dental emergencies, Emergency, Clinical Dentistry

Editor: Prof. Natthamet Wongsirichat DDS,Dr. Dinesh Rokaya,PhD

Submission deadline: 30 December 2021

Special issue title:

Ethics and legal medicine in field of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care, Emergency, and Pain Medicine

Keywords: Ethics and legal medicine, Anesthesiology, Intensive care, Emergency, Pain medicine

Editor: Dr. Matteo Nioi, MD

Submission deadline: 07 March 2022

Special issue title:

Toxicological Emergencies: Pathophysiology and Management

Keywords: Toxicology, Emergency, Emergency department

Editor: Dr. Asmaa El-Banna

Submission deadline: 26 January 2022

Special issue title:

Ultrasound in Urgent Pathologies: development, interest and limits

Keywords: Ultrasound, Urgent Pathologies, Gynecological emergencies, Anesthetist, Radiologist, Gynecologists

Editor: Dr. Radhouane Achour

Submission deadline: 13 January 2022

Special issue title:

Spinal Cord Injury

Keywords: Spinal cord injury (SCI), Damage mechanisms, Primary and secondary medullary lesions, Neurorehabilitation, Neurorestoration

Editor: Lecturer dr. Constantin Munteanu, PhD,Prof. Dr. Gelu Onose,Associate Prof. Dr. Mariana Rotariu, PhD,Assistant Prof. Dr. Gabriela Dogaru, PhD,Associate Prof. Dr. Elena Valentiana IONESCU, PhD,Assistant Prof. Dr. Cristina Daia, PhD

Submission deadline: 30 November 2021

Special issue title:

Anticoagulation Therapy in Heart Failure Subjects - Revealing The Enigma

Keywords: Heart failure, Pulmonary thromboembolism, Left heart thrombosis, Anticoagulation regimens, Cardiac imaging, Left ventricular assist device

Editor: Dr. Alexandra Clement,Dr. Cristian STĂTESCU,Dr. Radu SASCĂU,Dr. Larisa ANGHEL

Submission deadline: 21 December 2021

Special issue title:

Level of Pain Sensation and Features of Analgesia in Obese Patients

Keywords: Level of pain sensation and features, Analgesia, Obese patients

Editor: Prof. Dr. Sergii Khimich

Submission deadline: 12 January 2022

Special issue title:

Neurological rehabilitation in different spinal cord impairment

Keywords: Neurological Rehabilitation, Stroke, Parkinson, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury

Editor: Dr. Ana Maria Bumbea

Submission deadline: 10 December 2021

Special issue title:

Neonatal Hypothermia: Risk Factors and Prevention in The Perioperative Period

Keywords: Hypothermia, Premature, Thermoregulatory, Conductive, Convective heat loss, Morbidity, Mortality

Editor: Dr. Sujana Dontukurthy

Submission deadline: 10 December 2021

Special issue title:

Outcome Measures and Assessment Tools in Spinal Cord Injury

Keywords: Spinal Cord Injury, Rehabilitation, Assessment Tools

Editor: Dr. Giovanni Galeoto

Submission deadline: 10 December 2021

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A Novel Objective Approach Towards Physicians' Knowledge and Practice Patterns to Optimize Central Venous Catheter Placement: A Cross-sectional Study. DOI: 10.22514/sv.2020.16.0052

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  2020 has been a very special year, full of events, frequently strange and newly shaped events. As always, humanity has tried to learn from them, searching (and frequently finding) the best solution to the problems. “Work is the best gymnasium where to exercise the intelligence”. This was an excellent definition for “work”. 2020 has obliged anyone to work with new obstacles and to find always new solutions, exercising the intelligence. It is also possible to say that 2020 has provided mankind a fantastic opportunity to express at maximum level its potentialities.

  Between others, I was kindly invited to becoming Editor in Chief of this important journal. Signa Vitae has a nice story, but its aim is to increase its impact in the scientific community. The scientific community deriving from the initial “Anesthesiology”, as it was in the first decades of the twentieth century, in the course of the years has expanded enormously. Now it still covers “Anesthesiology”, but it also covers Emergency, Intensive Cares, Supportive Medicine, and last but not least Pain Medicine. In other terms, the name of the journal, Signa Vitae (“Signs of Life”, with a nuance of Latin classic culture), is extremely appropriate.

  Considering my personal story, the diffusion of Signa Vitae in the field of Pain Medicine will be a natural consequence. The new challenge will definitely be to establish a strong Editorial Board, with Section Editors, and attract high quality papers from the other branch of the medical specialty. For this, the journal counts on the support of most of the Members of the Editorial Board whose story is deeply rooted in Emergency and Intensive Cares.

  The programs for 2021 are incredibly challenging and stimulating. It will be a year of hard work and growth, and the Signa Vitae family is ready to obtain the best possible. I want to take this opportunity to thank the publisher and the Signa Vitae team for their trust in my enthusiasm, inviting me as Editor-in-Chief of a nice and promising journal. Ad majora to all of them and especially to the Authors that will be confident on the potentialities of this journal. Let’s work together for it.

Giustino Varrassi, MD, PhD

Paolo Procacci Foundation, Via Tacito 7, 00193 Roma, Italy